Monday, September 26, 2011

My New Home

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this year I have a new piso. And not just a new piso, but a livable, real person piso. Let me just say that compared to my place last year, it's like I'm living in a mansion. Cait and I arrived last Sunday and it was a great feeling to already have a place to stay. And the best part of it was that I had left a bunch of stuff at our place over the summer, so was able to mostly unpack right away (that is after a 4 hour nap, 24 hours of traveling kinda make me out of it haha). But we arrived safe and sound, and I have now settled into my piso. We had some friends stay with us last week and have more friends staying with us this week, but it's great to be "home" again.

My room 

Actual wardrobe!

View from my back balcony

Mold-free walls!

Kitchen (with an oven!)


Living room

More living room

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